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- Signs of Hazards -

Not everything lasts forever.  Rust, corrosion and other factors can be hazardous to your home or business electrical infrastructure.  Components need to be replaced when these show signs of wear or damage.  The pictures below depict things you should look for that could be hazardous to your home or business electrical infrastructure.  If you see anything like what we have listed in the pictures, or suspect a problem, then call an electrician to correct the issue for your safety.  Also, keep all generators cleared of all snow or debris for proper exhaust/air circulation and heat dissipation.

"Chinese Drywall" found in Wolfeboro, NH

While working at one of our valued clients' homes we discovered blackened wires while installing a new wireless switching arrangement.  What is known as "Chinese drywall" was used in the home building industry in a couple differet time periods in the US. Much information is available on Youtube and/or searches on the web.  This imported "Chinese Drywall" caused problems and is causing problems due to the high sulfur content in the drywall.  Sulfide gases corrode copper and turns it black.  Most all wiring used in Residential homes is copper and if there are signs of the blackened wire, the wiring should be replaced.  The pictures below show what sulfides do to copper attached to outlets and switches in the home.  A clear indication of corrosion is to look at the bare copper wire (ground wire) attached to the green screw. It appears to look like the insulated black "hot" wire. Once our client sorts out how to resolve the removal of the "Chinese Drywall", we will be rewiring complete sections of the home.


Click on the picture below to view in larger scale of other hazards to be aware of.






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