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- LED Electrical Services -

  A light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device which converts electricity into light.  At first, white LED's were only possible by "rainbow" groups of 3 LED's; red, green and blue.
By controlling the current to each color it yielded a white light.  Now, a single diode chip was created with a coating to create a wave shift to emit white light from a single diode. 
LED fixtures required a driver.  These drivers are typically built into a fixture or they are a plug transformer for plug-in fixtures.  The plug-in transformers allow the fixture to run on standard 120 volt alternating current (AC).

  LED's are better at placing light in a single direction than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.  Their directional output allows them to have creative unique design features.  LED strip lights can be installed under counters, in hallways, and in staircases. Concentrated arrays can be used in room lighting.

Outdoor waterproof fixtures are available.  They can be used as decorative pieces outside garages, walkways and gardens.

Colored LED Lights

Decorative LED Lights

Edison LED Light

Shatter Resistent Light
  • LED lights are more damage resistant than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. 

  • LED doesn't flicker. 

  • LED's are considerably more efficient.

  • LED's do not emit heat like other bulbs.

  •  LED's Last longer.  They gradually decrease in light over time.

  • LED's are resistant to thermal and vibrational shocks

  • LED's perform well in frequent on - off cycles.

  • Great for hard to reach areas since they tend to last longer

  • Cost effective for dimmable fixtures since fluorescents are more expensive.

For more information or for an estimate on LED lighting, please contact us today for knowledgeable and experienced professionals.


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